Top 10 Best Humidifiers

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Overview of a humidifier

If you have dried out the air in your home, and are suffering quite a bit by it, then you’ll already know the importance of a humidifier. It not only is important to introduce moisture into the air, but can also aid in a number of other things as well. It is required that the indoor humidity levels should be between the range of 30 to 50%, but this is not always the case, especially in winters. This is where buying the BEST HUMIDIFIER can help you solve the problem.

Why should you prefer a humidifier?

Unlike other methods, BEST HUMIDIFIER can help you maintain the humidity levels in your rooms within the specified range, even when indoor levels are as low as 10% during winters. Apart from that, it is also required to help reduce static electricity, peeling wallpaper as well as cracks in your paint and furniture.

Types of humidifiers

Essentially, there are three types of humidifiers- cool mist, warm mist and a dual unit.

  1. Cool Mist Humidifiers: These, as the name suggests, expel the water vapor in a way which decreases the temperature of the room, making it easier to breathe. You can generally recognize a cool mist humidifier by its slightly more noisy nature in comparison to a warm mist model.
  2. Warm Mist Humidifiers: These boil the water in order to release a distilled steam to be released into the room. It is more concentrated in an area close to the humidifier.
  3. Dual Units: As the name suggests, these have the capability to serve as either the unit depending on what your requirement is.

How to select the BEST HUMIDIFIER

The first thing to decide is whether you need a warm or cool mist humidifier, or a dual unit. If you have problems with breathing in a sauna or require moisture for asthma or allergies, then a cool mist humidifier would be the best for you. If your requirement is for steaming some medicine or in a cold area during winters, then a warm mist would be the best choice. A dual unit is what you should go in for if you have mixed uses, but remember that a warm mist humidifier has an added safety risk with it, due to the presence of boiling vapors.

Next, you’ll need to determine the style of the BEST HUMIDIFIER that you need. A personal humidifier is a compact model, with a capacity of up to 1 liter, with limited coverage area. For larger capacity requirements, a console model would be the right choice. It is a freestanding and large unit, and is also considered as whole-house units. Another model with the same purpose is a flow-through bypass unit, which needs to be installed in your house’s duct system.

You’ll need to judge the refilling convenience of your humidifier also before you buy one. Buying a smaller model will require refilling every once a while, such as a 1 liter unit requiring it every 8 hours. Buying a 2-gallon unit would run for more than 12 hours on a low setting, but that depends on your needs as well.

To account for better maintenance and handling of the humidifier, you’ll need one that you can easily pick off in order to clean. Take your time to analyze as to how the tank can be removed from the base and if it’s convenient enough. Lastly, also consider in the noise factor- almost all humidifiers make some noise, but you’ll require one that does so at the minimum levels if you expect to run it through the night.

Thus, following the above tips will help you chose the BEST HUMIDIFIER from among the ones listed further ahead. For a more thorough analysis, THE BEST INTERACTIVE COMPARISON CHART is also provided along with them.


Top Rated Best Humidifiers


HumidifiersReviewsCover RangeProduct DimensionsCustomer ReviewsPriceRating
TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Home Humidifier
Read Full Review
538 sq. ft.8.1 x 5.3 x 11.8 inches83Check here5.0
Miro CleanPot Cool-Mist Humidifier and Aroma Oil Diffuser - (Bowl included)
Miro CleanPot Cool-Mist Humidifier and Aroma Oil Diffuser
Read Full Review
498 sq. ft.10.5 x 11 x 9 inches7Check here4.9
Aprilaire 600 Humidifier, Whole House, Bypass, 24V w/ Digital Control
Aprilaire 600 Humidifier, Whole House, Bypass, 24V w Digital Control
Read Full Review
4,000 sq. ft.16 x 11 x 16 inches130Check here4.4
Aprilaire 500 Humidifier
Aprilaire 500 Humidifier
Read Full Review
3000 sq. ft.16 x 11 x 13 inches123Check here4.3
Luma Comfort HC12B Cool Mist Humidifier
Luma Comfort HC12W Cool Mist Vase Humidifier Review
Read Full Review
650 sq. ft.8.9 x 8.9 x 43.5 inches53Check here4.3
Aprilaire 600M Whole-House Humidifier with Manual Control
Aprilaire 600M Whole – House Humidifier with Manual Control
Read Full Review
4000 sq. ft.15.4 x 15.8 x 10.2 inches44Check here4.3
Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier
Vornado Evap40 4 – Gallon Evaporative Humidifier
Read Full Review
1000 sq.ft.10.5 x 19.5 x 13.5 inches 82Check here4.2
Essick Air EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier
Read Full Review
2800 sq.ft.18 x 18 x 27.2 inches67Check here4.1
Essick Air 821-000 Digital Control Evaporative Console Humidifier
Read Full Review
1900 sq.ft.22.5 x 18.7 x 13.4 inches266Check here4.0
Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier
Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier
Read Full Review
600 sq.ft.9.7 x 9 x 15.8 inches135Check here4.0

Top 10 Best Humidifiers


best humidifierThe decision of purchasing some product from the market varies from one person to the other. It depends on the taste of the customer, his preferences, and the features he searches for in a product, his priorities, expendable income and many other factors. A customer chooses a product which is the best for him and meets his requirements. This decision is easy going where daily consumable or convenience products are concerned. When it comes to a specialty product or a shipping product, a consumer gives quite a few numbers of thoughts before adding the goods to his shopping cart. A wrong decision can be to lead to dissatisfaction and inconvenience for a period of time regarding that product.

A Humidifier is one such product which a consumer adds to his cart from time to time while carrying out shopping. It is a simple device which adds moisture or humidity in a room or a whole building. Best Humidifiers are a solution to the low humidity prone areas. For common domestic household humidifying purposes, points of use type humidifiers are used. There are a number of categories of humidifiers viz. Evaporative humidifier, ultrasonic humidifier, mist and warm humidifier, etc.

Evaporative humidifier is the most common of its types as it is a portable wick humidifier or cool moisture one. Relative humidity is responsible for wick evaporation and it is somewhat self regulating. In case of an ultrasonic humidifier, a metallic diaphragm is used which vibrates with an ultrasonic freq. this gives rise to droplets of water which silently gets released in the cool fog form from the humidifier. A fan is generally used which forces the mist out of the humidifier. Ultra mini forms of this product lack in using a fan and is mainly used for the personal purposes.

A piezoelectric transducer is used in these types of humidifiers. A warm mist type of the humidifiers are also known as the steam humidifier or simply the vaporizer releases moisture or steam in the air by boiling water or heating it. Where health issues are concerned, a vaporizer is a better option as compared to a cool mist humidifier types. This is due to the reason steam carries fewer microbes and impurities like minerals which are likely to be found from the reservoir’s stagnant water. However, it requires more energy than the other types of humidifiers as boiling water absorbs more amount of energy as compared to the other techniques. Lastly in cool mist humidifiers or impeller once a disc is used which rotates flinging water towards the diffuser. Here the water is broken into droplets which are fine enough to float in the air. This technique needs cleaning of the water at regular intervals as it poses a risk of spreading bacteria formed in it.

1. Aprilaire 600 Humidifier, Whole House, Bypass, 24V w/ Digital Control

Aprilaire 600 Humidifier, Whole House, Bypass, 24V w Digital ControlThis product of the humidifier is a digitally controlled humidifying system having automatic handling and a bypass damper to build delivering up to 50 percent moisture more. It has got reset buttons, and indicators displaying the relative humidity. 0.7 gallons of evaporation unit enables humidification of an area round 4000 sq. Ft.

Aprilaire 600 Humidifier, Whole House, Bypass, 24V w/ Digital Control weighs around eight and a half pounds. It has got the dimensional values of 16” x 11” x 16” and the product body is of plastic material and is availed in grey color. It uses a voltage of 110 V. It comes with a period of warranty limitations of 5 years. The small convenient handles on the damper allows easy adjustments. There is an indicator light available for the water panel which lets you know when exactly you have got to change the filter of the humidifier.

2. Aprilaire 500 Humidifier

Aprilaire 500 Humidifier

The dimensions of this device of Aprilaire 500 Humidifier are 40.6cm x 27.9cm x 33cm. It is a digitally controlled product. It has a number of features which include a water panel, saddle valve, a sensor which detects the outdoor temperature, a transformer with 24v voltage, and a damper which is built. The main unit has a dimension of 10.25 “in depth, 13 “in height and 15.62 “in width.

The reviews say that though it takes a bit longer period of time of about 6 hours of installation, a large difference in comfort of the room or house is felt in a span of less than a day. There are hardly any health related issues when one wakes up in the morning. It automatically drops the temperature when it gets warm. This humidifier is quite economic and pocket friendly too. Old humidifiers are worth replacing this one.

3. Luma Comfort HC 12B Cool Mist Humidifier

This is one of the most commonly used humidifier for household and personal comfort purposes. Luma Comfort HC 12B Cool Mist Humidifier allows effective humidification of a space area about 650 square feet. The design is contemporary and elegant. It humidifies the dry room making it extremely comfortable to live in. This device uses ultrasonic technology and delivers 2.5 gallons of output daily.

Luma Comfort HC 12B Cool Mist Humidifier

It weighs around 6.3 pounds and has a dimensionally extension of 8.9 inches x 8.9 inches x 43.5 inches. It has got a beautiful finishing with the elegant black color. This device does not require any battery and runs on a minimum power of 35 watts. It comes with a limited warranty span of 1 year. Reviews state that this humidifier adds to the décor of the room operating silently. 2.5 gallons run almost a couple of days without refilling.

4. Aprilaire 600M Whole – House Humidifier with Manual Control

Aprilaire 600M Whole – House Humidifier with Manual ControlThis model of a humidifier has the features of a bypass damper which is built. This implies that there are fewer parts which need to be installed. It has the dimensions of 39.1cm x 40cm x 26cm and has a weight of around 3.9kg. The bypass damper of this product has both the winter as well as summer settings labeled conveniently and this allows its setting throughout the seasonal changes.

The reviews give away the conclusion that this product is the best performer and most outstanding humidifier of the bypass types in the market today. Aprilaire 600M Whole – House Humidifier with Manual Control has a hygrostat set both manually and automatically on it monitoring the air humidity present. Accordingly the valve is controlled to shut off or release the running water of the humidifier through it. This proves quite useful.

5. Vornado Evap40 4 – Gallon Evaporative Humidifier

Vornado Evap40 4 – Gallon Evaporative Humidifier

This product can humidify up to an area of 1000 square feet by circulating water vapor with the help of a signature vortex. It has got a humidistat which can adjust and control humidity supply automatically and also set the fan speed into the required high low or medium mode. The whole system lacks any spilling problems, has an easy filling process, is leak proof and water tanks are air locked. The capacity of 4 gallons equals the output with 4 gallons in a 24 hour spans of a day operating uninterruptedly and requires less frequent refilling. Cleaning is easy for this device. It comes with a warranty limited up to 5 years. Vornado Evap40 4 – Gallon Evaporative Humidifier weighs around 9 pounds and is 10.5” x 19.5” x 13.5” in dimensions. This is the best humidifier available in the market among its types.

6. Essick Air EP9 800 Digital Whole – House Pedestal – Style Evaporative Humidifier

Essick Air EP9 800 Digital Whole – House Pedestal – Style Evaporative Humidifier

This particular humidifier is extremely efficient. This product of the pedestal style supplies humidity for the whole house covers an area ranging from 2500 sq. Ft. For tight coverage of 2800 sq. Ft. The desired level of humidity is obtained automatically with high accuracy with the help of a humidistat digitally controlled. The display of the digital readout reads the fan speed, the actual level of humidity and the level of humidity desired. Essick Air EP9 800 Digital Whole – House Pedestal – Style Evaporative Humidifier has got an automatic shut off system which shuts itself off either when the system is empty or when the desired level of humidity is reached. There are 9 fan speeds available which allows us to choose any ideal level of performance. It weighs around 27 pounds. The dimensions are 18” x 18” x 27.2”.

7. Essick Air 821 – 000 Digital Control Evaporative Console Humidifier

Essick Air 821 – 000 Digital Control Evaporative Console HumidifierThis 22.5” x 18.7” x 13.4” product is another efficient humidifier among the evaporative types and one of the best humidifiers. It has got a humidifying capacity of a thousand and nine hundred sq. Ft. It delivers an output of 9 gallons in 24 hours. It has got a water reservoir with an easy front filling system and has got a two – speed fans. The system has no dust and natural humidity is used by the evaporative system. Essick Air 821 – 000 Digital Control Evaporative Console Humidifier uses rolling casters and comes with a warranty period limitation of 1 year. This device brings along with itself the benefits one gets from the evaporative humidification. This system is a medicated one as it helps in treating allergy and flu symptoms and soothes sinuses problems, irritations, itchiness and dryness in the throat, mouth, eyes, nose and other such passages. It weighs around 20 pounds.

8. Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifier

One of the most efficient home and personal care appliances, Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifiers uses an electronically operative humidistat which control the humidity automatically and the setting of auto, high or low mode of the fan. It uses a vortex circulation to humidify up to a height of 600 square feet. It has got a capacity of delivering an output of 2 gallons every 24 hours a day with 1 gallon capacity of the tank. It has also got push buttons controlling the LED lights. This helps in easy setting confirmations. And last but not the least, this product has got a back up warranty limitations of 5 years.

Vornado Ultra3 Whole Room Ultrasonic Humidifiers

The dimensions of this product are 9.7” x 9” x 15.8”. It weighs around 7 pounds. The product’s blades that are deep pitched pull in huge amount of dry and harsh air towards itself and enable the circulation throughout the whole room the humidified air.

9. Germ Free Warm Mist humidifier

Germ Free Warm Mist humidifier

There are a number of unique features which make up the product. Germ Free Warm Mist humidifier works on an independent dual germicidal process which is tested in the laboratory. It uses both vaporization and ultraviolet rays which kills bacteria, mold and spores which are resistant towards heating. It is totally hustle free and operates quietly without making any noise. This product does not contain a filter. The humidity can be adjusted according to ones requirements. Once a filling is done, the system can run for twenty four hours. It has got dual tanks and handles with an easy grip. It has safe medicinal cup of the dishwasher providing warm vapors with a soothing effect. This product weighs around 20 pounds.

The reviews of this product give you the information u need. Bedroom is the perfect place for this product as it keeps the room germ free. It also operates quietly with flexible operation of warm and cool mists.

10. Oskar Humidifier – White

This Oskar Humidifier – White is one of the widely used home and kitchen appliances. It is if the evaporative humidifier type. This product has the dimensions of 9.7 inches x 9.7 inches x 11.4 inches. This humidifier weighs around 8.7 pounds. Warranty is available for the product. The price is quite economical. It comes with the features which include an automatic shut off system, two output levels, a dispenser of fragrance, an output capacity of a maximum of around 2 gallons every day, and it has a tank capacity of a little less than 1 gallon.

Oskar Humidifier – White

The humidifier reviews say that unlike other humidifiers, it is a lot more sophisticated and less ugly than the others of its types and unlike others it hardly makes the noise. This does not use any ultrasonic waves or heating methods for the distribution of moisture into the air.

Your home, the place of your living is the entire thing for you. You are being provided with the best choices of home, kitchen and personal products. Each review provided on the appliances is authentic and genuine. The information will help customers go for the right items in the market which would serve their purposes best. It will also prove helpful for comparison purposes.

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