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by Best Humidifier on November 20, 2010

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I am suffering from severe asthma and when winter approaches, my condition deteriorates over time. There are many symptoms that a person might complain of, such as severe headache, coughing, sneezing, difficulty in sleeping, and mood changes. An asthma attack does not respond to any prescribed medicine or self care. Rather avoid exposure to allergies, this helps in checking asthma attack. My doctor suggested me to install a humidifier to put a check on it. I must say, it became a perfect choice of mine.

Humidifier is described as either “warm mist” or “cool mist”. In each of the process it uses a distinct method in producing the moisture it releases. Humidifier uses a fan to blow out water through wet pad or wick filter that helps trapping bacteria and dust particles before the water evaporating into the air. There are variety of Humidifiers available in market. Some of them are Warm Mist Air Humidifiers, Cool Mist Air Humidifiers, Whole House Air Humidifiers, Vaporizers and many more. Each one of them comes as a great companion that helps preventing asthma attacks and winter infection like cold. During winter humidifier provides comfort and ease by drying the air, which lessens skin allergies. It adds required moisture to the air, which lessens skin infection or allergies.

Sunpentown SU-1051B is a mini-humidifier, which is easy to carry to any place. This compact design can easily fit in your luggage. The SU-1051B portable humidifier works on ultrasonic technology that helps in quiet operation and cool mist. It is easy to operate, and has an indicator that signifies the level of water. You can even go for Sunpentown SU-1051P Mini Portable Humidifier. It is available in pink or white color. This compact and light weight unit can be carried to any distant place. This mini portable humidifier has two distinct bottle adapters, and a 100 to 240V AC adapter makes it universally accepted. The SU-1051P humidifier works on ultrasonic technology that allows it run with quiet operation. This attractive looking portable mini humidifier is ideal for nursery, work place or any such place where portable humidifier is required.

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