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  1. Guitarboi1995 says:

    hey how did you tame your green tree pythons and emerald tree boas? cause i heard theyre really agressive. btw youve done a really good job with the cages and those snakes are lucky to have you as their owner :)

  2. hotvws3 says:

    i always love watching you’r videos.5*Jason.

  3. u2bed1 says:

    Very nice cages and snakes! How often do you change their bedding?

  4. ZZReptiles says:

    i LOVE the last cage! nice setups!

    Zach Zanone

  5. CoralMan24 says:

    never knew that I always see breeders on line and figure they use the same males, and females year in and out thanks for the tip and again beautiful collection of snakes they look incredible

  6. maarakailet1 says:

    Nice setup!

  7. Grndragon26 says:

    how’s the little babies? dont think i’ve seen much on them in a while :D if i missed it just let me know what videos lol

  8. wat720 says:

    Thanks for the info

  9. cutegayjason says:

    the big cust cage is 36×36x28, it cost me about $250 to make and is made out of vinyl wainscot panels so it can never mold…….i have another video of just that cage that goes more into detail……….just search custom made emerald tree boa enclosure and it will come up……..

  10. wat720 says:

    I love your emeralds cage!
    It looks great.
    If you dont mind me asking, how much was it to build?
    ‘Cause a 35”x24”x24” from repti-racks is about $300 not including shipping so I’m trying to see if its worth it or to just build a cage.

  11. cutegayjason says:

    not going to breed the green trees this year going to give medusa the year off……..its not good to breed a snake year after year, it wears them out.

  12. CoralMan24 says:

    great video as usual Jason your snakes are incredible, hope you breed your green tree pythons this year.

  13. jxz107 says:

    awesome vid dude its really helpful keep it up and good luck on the breeding

  14. black0ricky says:

    Wicked Vid jason!! thanks for that, i remember asking about your foggers before. Im gonna try and rig one up.

  15. scribbledillusion says:

    I hope those two pair up! and great video on your humidifier set up. ^-^

  16. TimeSplittersChimp says:

    Very nice video with alot of great tips Jason =]

  17. Dianna331 says:

    Jason I love your videos! Your snakes are very lucky to have you :)

    I wish you the best on your breeding plans!! <3

  18. SLE335 says:

    Excellent informational video Jason! This is very helpful. I have just moved most of my cages to the same room with a special heater and I have been working to improve the humidity levels since our heat is on for the winter now. 50 stars!!

  19. BallPythonLuver says:

    Really helpful video. Those cages look awesome and the snakes are all amazing looking. Beautiful colors on them!!

  20. chondrohead44 says:

    Nice job.

  21. thepythonseeker says:

    very cool and smart


    wow nice set ups
    everything look so nice and cool

  23. TheJaded says:

    Good point about researching, a lot of the time on reptile forums, you see people asking about temps and what not and care guides, and it’s like if you have to ask AFTER you’ve bought the animal, you really shouldn’t have it in the first place

    nice video

  24. cstoudt1973 says:

    You are just too awesome! i just love the way you care for your snakes! I can tell that they respond very well to your care. Beautiful snakes as always Jason!

  25. pagan140 says:

    i cant get over how creative thos pvc pipes look/are fantastic vivariums 5 stars.

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