Guitar Case Humidifier – Build Your Own – Inexpensive

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How to build your own acoustic guitar (any instrument) case humidifier. I used to put sponges in Plastic Travel Soap Dishes and drill holes in the lid, but they tend to roll and knock about the case which could scratch the headstock. This is so simple and available very inexpensively. Parts are sponges from a dollar store (6 for a buck) and a ziplock bag – either a regular or freezer. I tear/cut out the top seal edges so nothing can be sealed in. Then I roll up the bag and cut slits in it so …

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  1. guitarlj says:

    Hi Seebe
    Humidifying the case helps prevent cracks in the body of guitars for those of us who live in semi-dry areas.

    Hope this helps…

  2. seebe says:

    why do you want to do this?

  3. vleon1012 says:

    Cool — thanks! .. at least maintaining my guitar humidity will be a relatively inexpensive duty…. :) it’s really pretty and i don’t want it to warp her in MA where it’s getting colder and the apartment feels kinda dry

  4. guitarlj says:

    Hi vleon
    I use a hygrometer – and the cheap ones at Walmart for $7 will tell you the releative humidity and temperature.

    They are in the section where they sell indoor/outdoor thermometers…

  5. vleon1012 says:

    This is very helpful.. I just received a Wechter Acoustic and want to take care of it.. In your comments, you indicated that your guitars live in 40% humidity.. How do you know the % humidity? I’ve never had a guitar, I’m a synthesizer guy..

  6. matthonest says:

    good idea :)

    thanks for the great vid!

  7. guitarlj says:

    Hi snappypants…
    I’ve never used distilled water and never had mold in over 35 years of humidifying guitars.

    I wasn’t the one who posted about mold…but I cannot imagine if a person has clean hands why tap water would introduce bacteria unless your water supply is contaiminated.

    And if a person’s hands are not clean, it won’t matter what kind of water is used, bacteria could be introduced – distilled or not.

  8. ljsnappypants says:

    Hi guitarlj…
    Welcome. We are glad you are posting YouTube videos. I’ve had my Olson since 1993 and using distilled water only in my guitar case humidifier sponges. You never know what level of bacteria you’re getting with tap water. I have not had a mold problem in the 16 + years with my Olson. I also have other guitars that get the distilled water treatment and I’ve yet to have an issue.

  9. joeshmoe123456789101 says:

    Hi, what happens if you have too much humidity in the air.. how do you make a dehumidifier?

  10. guitarlj says:

    When the sponges begin to harden up, I remoisten them.

  11. rossiskier08 says:

    Hi. I was wondering how often you need to refill the humidifier?

  12. mvp019 says:

    I still don’t get the reason you cut the ziploc edges “so nothing can get sealed in” – won’t the cut slits prevent that?

  13. orfeassama says:

    thanks a lot , i ll do that :)

  14. guitarlj says:

    60% is too high and I’d use something like the product named ”Zorb-it” to keep the case at about 40%.

    Anything between 35%-50% is safe, and keeping the level stable is as important as keeping it ’safe’. My guitars all live at 40%.

  15. kiiaz says:

    hey what humidity do you keep ur guitars at? is 60% ok? i have a yamaha and taylor acoustic guitar.

    also what happens if there is too much humidity, how do u DEhumidify a guitar

  16. cacawate1 says:

    wow thank you so much!

  17. guitarlj says:

    Mold only comes from biological contamination, and the best preventative is to make sure you wash one’s hands before filling the sponges.

    Been doing this for years and never had mold…

  18. big2buck says:

    great vid lj thanks allot

  19. Faztlan says:

    Gotta use em in West TEXAS!

  20. auxlout says:

    To avoid mold or mildew from forming on the sponge you can add 1 capful of ammonia and or bleach to 1 gal of water. Dip the sponge in the water and squeeze out all the excess real good. Put the sponge in the bag and you’ll be mold free.

  21. hayabusafmw says:

    should you humidify guitars like bass guitar ,or electric guitar (fender strats??) or only mostly acoustics?

  22. motobassplayer17 says:

    o haha thx for that info

  23. guitarlj says:

    Hi motobassplayer…
    If an acoustic guitar dries out too much, cracks can occur in the body. Therefore, we serious acoustic players who live in dry areas of the country keep humidifying devices in our instrument cases.

    Commercial ones are mostly constructed of sponges in rubber or plastic containers, and cost $15-39 each. The sponges in a ziplock do the same thing for less than a buck…

    Hope this helps…

  24. motobassplayer17 says:

    wat is that supposed to do???

  25. lustrevision says:

    Thanks so much for the great info! Saves me from buying some $20 planet waves concoction.

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