Homemade Humidifier For When Your House/Air Is Dry – Important: Read Side Notes Also

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Some basic ways to make a homemade humidifier for dry areas/climate (such as when it is very dry in the winter seaon in the northern hemisphere of earth). I did a quick test for several hours and it seems that with the cloth wick, that several (I measured 10 here) times more water/moisture is evaporated into the air….so it would be equivalent to many identical bowls or containers. I found this very old one from 1918 after I made mine: tinyurl.com It’s not difficult to image the humidfier …

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  1. MarcoAlba1 says:

    Thanks a lot man! I have problems with my throat in the winter because it’s so dry, thanks again for your efforts!

  2. fillasawfickle says:

    Thank you for posting this video. The information you posted in the message is also very helpful. Thanks!

  3. NDANG88 says:

    okay kevin what ever u say

  4. trailkeeper says:

    people, please keep your comments related to the video, this is not a soap opera or game show

  5. trailkeeper says:

    I’m not sure if I mentioned a humidity gage, however it’s a good idea to get one, and don’t place it too close to the water, but perhaps even behind the fan rather than in front of it, just for ideas. I think 30% to 50% humidity is a good value. Not too dry or damp.

  6. shux404 says:

    OH MAN THANK YOU!!! i live in Montreal Canada and right now it is VERY dry and cold. What makes it worse for me, the heater in my place is the kind the blows hot air all frikin day drying up the air even more! anyways, followed ur steps and placed the bowl next to the heater… its been about 11 hours now and the bowl is almost empty! THANK YOU SIR

  7. trailkeeper says:

    ok, I have some on heater, and sometimes they need to be refilled the next day, it depends how dry it is.

  8. moocowcool says:

    thanks! this was really helpful in a pinch.

  9. GrouchySexyCool says:


  10. trailkeeper says:

    its simple, but the cloth does have a large surface area that improves the evaporation of the water, and if the humidifier is placed in front of a fan a bit, it will also help the evaporation of the water

  11. trailkeeper says:

    thanks for the good comment

  12. pontikas says:

    That’s just a bowl of water with a cloth in it.

  13. cgosh says:

    I’ve done this using thin, disposable aluminum baking pans. Holds more water, larger cloth surface, cheap. Put them in front of the heat vents in any room. When they get too caked with mineral deposits, just throw them in the recycle bin.
    For a summer dehumidifier — if you have a basement — turn your furnace thermostat’s FAN switch from AUTO to ON and the furnace fan will blow 24/7 ( with no heat). This will dry out the basement and pull up the cool air from there to the rest of the house.

  14. killlagger468 says:

    thats awsome! now we need to find out how to make a DEhumidifier for those hot summer nights.

  15. trailkeeper says:

    Ok, also the “ruffer” the cloth used, the more surface area it will have and the more water vapor can be released into the air. It’s surprising, one the heater here, the bowl-cloth humidifier evaporates in a day.

  16. Deehumor says:


    We needed an emergency humidifier and we luckily found your video!! Thank you so much – you are very considerate for doing this, and you helped a family in Md.!

  17. xxxPWN3Dxxx says:

    thanks for sharing!!

  18. trailkeeper says:

    Thanks Nancy. Anyone can build one, and there are good for people who don’t have an electric humidifier, or perhaps they have one,but need something in another area.

  19. NancyAbramson says:

    Great idea and very smart!

  20. trailkeeper says:

    I did think of this by myself, and even the stand out of a coat hanger, but the idea probably goes way back. I looked on Google and seen a similar concept from like 1918.

  21. trailbuddi says:

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