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Different problems often arise in the family during winter season because of the dry air it brings. The top problem on the list is all about health matter. Humidity level below 35% is a healthy atmosphere for the growth of bacteria and molds; this is not a good thing with regards to the atmosphere in our home. The family may experience a lot of health changes that usually starts with simple discomfort and can aggravate to serious health matter. Common physical symptoms are dry nose, dry skin, and aggravated asthma and allergy symptoms. The atmosphere that has low humidity also cause us to evaporate faster that makes our body chill easily. Our skin can be hydrated with the use of a Cool air humidifiers and it also helps us adjust to the temperature in the atmosphere. Releasing enough moisture can also help the problem of the family with regards cough and cold. Cool air humidifier really matter in health issues like this.
Dry air can also cause the wood furniture to lose moisture and can even make them cracked. The same issue is also encounter in wood floorings and can even make the wall paper in our house peel. Low humidity can even bring problems related to the dryness of houseplants. Electrical appliances also suffer from low humidity because of static electricity. We can combat these problems if enough moisture is maintained in the atmosphere. The proper humidity can now be maintain with the aid of cool air humidifiers and these common dilemmas can be avoided.

But if the atmosphere in your family shifts to too high humidity this is also not advisable. This is why the humidity level should be monitored and put in its appropriate level. The humidity level you want can be monitored by a cool air humidifier that has an auto humidistat. Other cool air humidifier also have a featured of auto shut off that automatically switches off when the cool air humidifier is not in use or when it is empty. Having such appliance is a practical option now a day.

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