Learn About the Basic Types of Humidifiers

Living in a dry air can really be dangerous for your health as it give rise to problems like cracked lips, sore throat, itchy eyes and so on. It however is understandable that living in a region with the lowest temperature in winter asks for some specific steps to make atmosphere worth living. One of the best ways that can be chosen to eliminate excessive dryness from your room is about using a humidifier.

Because of the variety of humidifiers, it is difficult to find the right one. But, to make decision making simpler,humidifiers can be divided into following categories.

•    Steam: This is the most common type of humidifier. The working of this type of humidifiers is quite simple as well. It just boils water and removes dryness from your room by discharging the warm steam in your room. This is the simplest and most inexpensive way to keep humidity under control. The noteworthy thing is that there is no bacterial concern associated with steam humidifier and it can be used as portable humidifier. So, this room humidifier is a good choice but it can be expensive because of high energy consumption.

•    Mist: This type of humidifier is also getting quite popular because of its effectiveness. These types of humidifiers work rotating a disc within the water of the humidifier to create vapors that keep humidity at the perfect level. It is essential to mention that two subcategories can be found under this type of humidifier. When vapors from the machine comes out after getting heated, then it is known as warm mist humidifier, whereas, cool mist humidifier is the one which doesn’t involve heating. Generally, cool mist humidifers are considered better than warm mist humidifiers because they are safer for children, but, they can create other problems like giving rise to molds by providing perfect breeding ground.

•    Ultrasonic: The working of this ultrasonic humidifier is simple as well. It works by creating ultrasonic vibrations in humidifier water. In fact, a metal diaphragm vibrating takes place on ultrasonic frequency which creates water droplets. These ultrasonic humidifiers generally produce cool mist which is the reason why they can contribute towards the dispersion of mold and bacteria. They however don’t produce noise which is a good thing about them.

So, these are the basic types available in the market and you can keep these pros and cons in mind while buying one for you.

Though the aforementioned types are the basic but there are some other options as well that can be considered. For instance, there are some whole house humidifiers and some furnace humidifiers as well. A whole house humidifier comes with the potential to keep humidity at a perfect level throughout your home. A furnace humidifier is no different but it is available in two types such as flow-throw and reservoir. Both of them do come with some pros and cons and that’s the reason why you must keep them in perspective while shopping around.

Humidifiers helps you to maintain the humidity level of your house on optimal range and keep the air in home fresh. If you are looking for some valuable information on how humidifier works, check out http://www.humidifierinformation.com/

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