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One of the most common types of humidifier is an evaporative or wick humidifier. This type of humidifier has three main components: the humidifier wick (filter), reservoir and fan. This humidifier is the only kind that has a humidifier wick.

The humidifier wick is essential to the operation of this machine. The purpose of the humidifier wick is to absorb water from the reservoir. The water is then evaporated into the air.

The amount of evaporation is dependent on relative humidity. This means the ratio of water in the air at a certain temperature compared to the maximum amount possible at that temperature. Basically more evaporation will occur in a room with low humidity compared to a room with high humidity. As a room becomes more humid, less water is released into the air.

If the humidifier wick becomes dirty and clogged, the humidifier is no longer releasing moisture into the air and filtering it. Running a humidifier with a clogged humidifier wick is not only a waste of energy, but also it can be harmful to your health.

If the wick is clogged, it is not catching the harmful dust and particles in the air. To prevent the filter from clogging it is extremely important to clean or replace it often.

The easiest and less cost efficient solution is buying a new filter and changing it. Most machines have easy access filters that require you to empty the reservoir and lift the handle to expose the filter. Then all you need to do is slide it out and put in a new one.

However, you can also clean the filter to save money and cut down on waste. Most humidifier wicks are reusable, but it is important to remember you should replace the filter at least once a year.

When cleaning the filter, make sure you clean the humidifier entirely. Be sure to remove all waters from the reservoir and clean it with a tablespoon of bleach. Next clean the filter or replace it. To clean it just rinse it with cold water, but make sure you do not ring it dry. It is okay to put back on the machine wet. Finally fill the base with humidifier cleaner or a cup of vinegar for 20 minutes. Empty and rinse out.

If these procedures are followed, your humidifier wick will last longer and the air you breathe will be cleaner.

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