Humidifiers and winter

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People may benifit from humidifiers.

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  1. gorikuri says:

    I see the screen name you picked. Are you under the sign of Aquarius for real? Because I was born Feb 3rd. ;-)

  2. aquariusboyricky says:

    aww thanks much i didnt even know if any one would reply lol i have been having bad sinus problems thanks again

  3. gorikuri says:

    The recent new one I bought as Holmes Brand Model HM1700. It has a filter built in and it’s about 29 or 30 dollars. I think it works well to purify the water BEFORE putting it in the air. I think it’s worth it. Just my opinion ;-) I’m honored that you favorited my video. Thank you ;-)

  4. aquariusboyricky says:

    omg thank you so much i have been asking questions and getting no where
    am not 100% sure what to do i do have a purifier but i would like a humidifier there is an option in getting one device with the 2 built in what do u or any one out there think is it a god idea to get both or just stick with one am going for the 2 in 1 device but i dont want to wast my time or money i need feed back lol
    thanks much lol

  5. sonata1992 says:

    It’s the best.

  6. gorikuri says:

    I love winter,…fall too ;-)

  7. sonata1992 says:

    How I wish it was winter :(

  8. BAMBAM8993 says:

    Very good points!

  9. Malathos says:

    It’s off topic, but you’re very pretty. Large women are much much sexier in my opinion. Write me sexy. Peace, bye.

  10. gorikuri says:

    LOL. You should see what some guy said on my video “Re: Re: Pagans admit their religion is a Delusion”. Look for Pigskyin’s comments.

  11. danielspengies says:

    I see tit crack…

  12. gorikuri says:

    Thanks for stopping by ;-) I don’t use the word vaporizer, because these days it is associated with a piece of equipment that heats up drugs to a certain temp for inhaling. If you type in “vaporizer” at wikipedia, it says this “For the device commonly called a vaporizer used in humidifying, see humidifier.” Hence I use the term “humidifier”.

  13. ront1963 says:

    Don’t you mean Vaporizer?

  14. gorikuri says:

    correction- THEY do exactly that. ;-)

  15. gorikuri says:

    My parents have a wood stove and that do exactly that.

  16. Mystic0001 says:

    It may not put out as much steam, but a pot on the stove works. It’s especially great when put on a wood stove because it doesn’t use electricity and doesn’t need to be watched.

  17. MajorDestruction says:

    Well mine is throat cancer, not a dry, painful throat. So naturally mine is not as serious as dry throat. If I was gonna buy a humidifier, I would deprive someone who has a far more serious condition XD

  18. HanifXHier says:

    Maybe this’ll get the AmazingAtheist to stop with his damned coughing.

    As for myself, I usually just open up the window.

  19. m2s4007 says:

    I have more than 3, but make me feel weird! Since i don’t know if thats good i stop using them.

  20. deadlogic says:

    i know i could probably use a humidifier. maybe i’ll get one.

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