The Vornado Difference

This video outlines the fundamentals that differentiate a Vornado product from the competitors.

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  1. wtf4688 says:

    vornados sucks now aint what they used to be .junk

  2. Dflescher says:

    I like the zippi

  3. PlayerXT says:

    I have one and I have to say that it is really powerful even compared to a ceiling fan

  4. ZacharyDY4 says:

    At 4:26 that’s my fan, model 12XB1 from 1946

  5. jamesdimaano1516 says:

    its the same price as the zippi

  6. sthund says:

    well my honeywell curculats air all where cold air is around the house. it moves an incredible amount of air for a 7” fan. it only cost 16.99!

  7. toyznstuff says:

    they go out as soon as the warranty expires.

  8. jiabee says:

    Hi people, do you know Vornado fans are best seller in Taiwan? Taiwanese love Vornado a lot.

  9. BeeSeeCartwright says:

    Yay vornado.

  10. X6800 says:

    Vornado needs to make some whole house window fans. >:(

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