Two-year-old Timmy Massé, Guitar Humidifier soloist

My son Timmy visited our latest gig. He grabbed the guitar humidifier out of my case and was playing with it. He began holding up, acknowledging the crowd after each song. This one was caught on video. So cute and funny!

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  1. o0CLAUDIOeGIORGIA0o says:

    Good job Timmy!

  2. chickadee2 says:

    You little boy is adorable and I might add looks just like Mommy.

  3. P0mt3 says:

    haha, how sweet is that? xD

    Isn’t is awesome how kids seem to have the best self-confidence in the world? Wish I had that again.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  4. etaKsnhoJ says:

    Alright! Something in life to look forward to. Thanks!

  5. AndreasHaugen says:

    haha cute :D

  6. mikemassedotcom says:

    My laptop actually glitched during that song, so we didn’t get a good recording of the whole song. I hope we can get a good version in the next month or two. Sorry for the tease!

  7. etaKsnhoJ says:

    Well, now. It appears you forgot to upload the full version of Dancing Nancies. Perhaps you working on it now??? In fact, your channel is seriously lacking in DMB covers. {hint, hint} :)

  8. etaKsnhoJ says:

    I thought that was a DMB song (rewatched the intro, didn’t catch it the first time). You’re starting him young – what a cutie Timmy is. Now I’m off to your channel to find the full version of this cover. Hope it is there.

  9. mikemassedotcom says:

    A necessity here in the desert. It’s basically a sponge you put in the sound hole of the guitar to keep it from getting too dry. The sponge is the green part you see him holding, attached to the clear round plastic part by a string. The clear round part goes over the sound hole.

  10. fprrtp6 says:

    What is a guitar humidifier?

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