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Humidity and Your Health

Every winter it’s the same. A cold spells draws in and just like magic, with the flick of a switch, it’s summer inside! Keeping warm is important, especially during the cold winter months. However, as soon as we shut the doors and close the windows this kind of heat can play havoc with our skin. So what can be done, to keep the environment a little kinder to our health? A humidifier is a home appliance which can make a big difference to air quality. At home, or in the office. No more sore throats or dry skin. Just some of the problems which can arise when the air is too dry.

What is Humidity?

Humidity refers to how much moisture is in the air. Anything which breathes produces moisture in the air. Animal, plant or retile! In the home, along with bathing, cooking, and doing the laundry, a lot of moisture is produced. Too little humidity can cause breathing problems and dry skin conditions. Too much humidity can also cause allergic reactions, and lots of other problems in the home. If allowed to build up, over time, too much, or too little moisture can cause serious damage to your house, and it’s contents.

Hot or Cold?

If you have too little humidity in your home, there are two kinds of humidifier which can be purchased. Warm air units, and cold air units. The choice is, would you prefer warm moist air? Or is cool moist air what’s needed? It is a lot to do with personal preference.  With regards to making a decision this might be worth consideration. A cool mist humidifier will be noisier than warm mist humidifiers. However, cold mist units are better for larger rooms. Warm mist units are low noise, therefore preferable in a small room. Although top brands names tend to be the quietest all round.

Which Humidifier?

Understanding the mechanics of the machine can be highly relevant, and important, for many people. Humidifiers can vary, greatly. Understanding how a particular model works, will certainly help to ensure the unit you buy will actually carry out the task you need. Most common types of appliances: Room Humidifier, Whole House Humidifier, and a Portable Humidifier. Finding out how each particular model functions is in your interest, before you buy!

Features and Functionality

There are lots of functional features available, some you may find more useful than others. Some models are capable of purifying and dehumidifying. These models certainly have their place of use. However, generally speaking, a particular machine, to carry out a particular task, will usually turn out the best results. When it comes to noise, and functionality, a variable speed setting is a basic need for most.

The speed often affects the amount of noise the appliance uses, and there’s no point the machine working harder than it has to! Some models have a ‘humidity metre’, great little feature. Leaves you in total control of the environment, being able to choose the level of humidity. Choosing the right humidifier is the only way to get the right results, creating the air you need.

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