Maintaining the Aprilaire Humidifier

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After investing in an Aprilaire whole house humidifier, stay in contact with a reliable Aprilaire parts dealer. 

Here’s how your whole house humidifier is supposed to work when your unit’s humidity stat say’s humidity is needed a valve open’s and allows fresh water from another valve attached to a water pipe to run over a porous evoporative pad.
  The valve is opened and closed electrically enabling it to control the water supply.  A strainer filters particles from the water, making it safe to breathe.  You can find replacement parts from a local or online dealer.

The cleaned water in a humidifier travels through an outlet to the water distribution tray.  After this point, the filter and/or evaporator are gravity fed.  Water vapors pass through the Aprilaire humidifier and then are released into the air where they then enter the home through the heating system.

Getting the parts you need for your Aprilaire humidifier, as well as keeping it in shape,  is actually a whole lot easier than it sounds.  Though there aren’t very many Aprilaire parts that require replacement, it is beneficial to understand how to replace them and where to find them in the event that you have to.  Regular maintenance will prevent big repair bills for problems like leaking.

When dealing with humidifiers and Aprilaire humidifier parts, there is one thing to be thankful for: these units have been built with the understanding that rust is a constant concern with a humidifier.  What this means is that rustproof materials have been used in creating these household units. 

Many people believe the fact that water hardness has the ability to affect your Apilaire humidifier parts.

On the other hand, there will be less hard water left if you utilize the unique Aprilaire Water Panel Evaporator together with a drain control.  Because of the excellent craftsmanship, an Aprilaire humidifier will effectively operate with hard water or mechanically softened water.  Water can also be hot or cold. 

Most homes throughout the country have water which contains different minerals in various amounts.  There is concern as to whether hard water will hurt the humidifer parts.  The deposits of calcium and magnesium from hard water are less in quantity when compares to mechanically softened water which is bit fluffy and softer. 

Hard water is a better choice for operation of the Aprilaire Water Panel evaporator but in any case the part will require to be replaced after 12 months or so.   Depending on the type of Aprilaire humidifier model you have, there are certain maintenance tasks that can wash away any mineral deposits that occur over time.  Maintaining your Aprilaire humidifier is the easiest way to make sure it has a good, long life.

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