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What to look for in a Guitar Humidifier

Dry winter weather or enviornments can cause serious damage to acoustic guitars, in the form of cracks in the wood. This damage may require expensive repairs or reduce the sound quality of your fine instrument.

Guitar Case Humidifier – Build Your Own – Inexpensive

How to build your own acoustic guitar (any instrument) case humidifier. I used to put sponges in Plastic Travel Soap Dishes and drill holes in the lid, but they tend to roll and knock about the case which could scratch the headstock. This is so simple and available very inexpensively. Parts are sponges from a dollar store (6 for a buck) and a ziplock bag – either a regular or freezer. I tear/cut out the top seal edges so nothing can be sealed in. Then I roll up the bag and cut slits in it so …

Jamorama Learn Guitar – Easy Conversions! Low Refunds!

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Jamorama Learn Guitar – Easy Conversions! Low Refunds!

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