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Guitar Case Humidifier – Build Your Own – Inexpensive

How to build your own acoustic guitar (any instrument) case humidifier. I used to put sponges in Plastic Travel Soap Dishes and drill holes in the lid, but they tend to roll and knock about the case which could scratch the headstock. This is so simple and available very inexpensively. Parts are sponges from a dollar store (6 for a buck) and a ziplock bag – either a regular or freezer. I tear/cut out the top seal edges so nothing can be sealed in. Then I roll up the bag and cut slits in it so …

Inexpensive Ionic Air Purifier Humidifier – Finding One Online

Have you finally decided that it is time to buy for yourself an air purifier humidifier? But perhaps you, like many other consumers, are wary about it as you are thinking that prices of these purifiers might be exorbitant. Yes, some of the purifier brands and models might actually be expensive, but there are also those that are reasonably priced. With some amount of proper research, you can easily find and purchase an inexpensive air purifier humidifier that’s best for your home.


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