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December 29th, 2009

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Thanksgiving themed games and activities?

November 12th, 2008
thanksgiving games
emshepp asked:

I am in a class and we have to lead 40 minutes of activities and games. We are doing a Thanksgiving theme. Anyone have any suggestions of Thanksgiving themed games or activities? Thanks!

Are you disappointed that Stargate SG1 has finally been cancelled?

November 12th, 2008
stargate atlantis cancelled
Lee asked:

Last season is almost in the can now and they say that’s all folks…but Atlantis lives at least one more year.

Can someone plug this into their calculator and tell me what you get?

November 11th, 2008
23 and me
Ryan J asked:

((.001293) (715.6)) / ((1+.0036 (23.5)) (76)) = ?

And then divide that answer by 1000. I think you should get something like 1.122 x 10^-5. Is that right?


November 11th, 2008
heroes destiny
Cryptosporidium asked:

how many do you think i’ll get if i buy 8 aster phoenix boosters do you think i’ll get enough to build a deck?
im not buying a deck im building a destiny hero one

Why did Hootie the Blowfish rise and fall so fast?

November 11th, 2008
hootie and the blowfish
Writer, Paperbag Writer. asked:

(No offense to their fans.)

Cracked Rear View was so incredibly popular – 16x Platinum and the 13th best selling album of all time in the United States! But then Fairweather Johnson, the follow-up album, did only moderate (strong, but nothing more) numbers and everything since… no one seems to care. I was only five when they were at their most popular so I don’t remember, anyone care to explain why they rose to and fell from fame so fast?

Pros Cons of this JVC MiniDV camcorder?

November 11th, 2008
jvc minidv camcorder
missjamo2 asked:

I want to get the JVC GR-D350US MiniDV Camcorder for myself to tape family events, ETC. Reviews from experienced buyers?

Here is a link to it on Walmart’s website:

What is the device police use to disable vehicles?

November 11th, 2008
zap cars
Dan asked:

I saw a TV show a few years ago and the police had a little device that would shoot under a car and zap it or something and the car’s power would die … just curious how it works/name of the device/etc.

i need a lens size for model GRD850US jvc minidv camcorder thank you?

November 11th, 2008
jvc minidv camcorder
vlcomstreetsk8er asked:

this is the camera: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8671332type=productid=1197074520368

does anyone know the lens size for this camera?

Besides Darius Rucker (Hootie the Blowfish) and Ray Sawyer ( Dr. Hook the Medicine Show)?

November 11th, 2008
hootie and the blowfish
????(???)???-(?`v??)-?\\ asked:

are any other?
lead singers AFFECTIONALLY referred to by the first part of their group’s name.
Darius Rucker being Hootie.
Ray Sawyer being Dr. Hook.

I know that is not their name, but if you say Hootie or Dr. Hook … I bet everybody thinks of just the lead singer.

And stuff like Katrina and the Waves doesn’t count if the front part IS ACTUALLY part of their name. Neither does Buck Owens and the Buckaroos. Get it? It has to be a fictional name that the LEAD singer does not actually answer to. Not acts that have a stage name and a real name. Only stuff that is totally made up and then gets assigned to the person BY THE FANS.
Do they call Ian Anderson JeTHRO?
And before anyone says Molly Hatchet…
The fans have to be walking up to these ppl saying
Hey Molly
Hey Marshall
Hey Hootie
Hey Dr. Hook

See what I mean…???