Germ Free Warm Mist Humidifier Review

Germ Free Warm Mist Humidifier Review

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One of the best humidifier by the Enviracaire presently in available in the market. One of the best uses of this humidifier is ultraviolet light which helps to kill resistant spores and bacteria. It has a battery life of about 24 hours after fully charging it for about 5 hours. It comes in a dual protected box with a charger present inside the box and a Germ Free Warm Mist Humidifier Review booklet. It has two options of charging it, one is a 2.4 V direct power supply and a 3.0 USB cable. But charging with USB cable takes a longer time. This humidifier is rated among the best humidifier after it was launched in 2014. This is an ultimate protection for little kids and old age peoples those who need extra care and protection. It has been among top products on Amazon with a total sale of 118,920 units. These products are produced in China, but manufactured in the US. Talking about noise distraction, it makes a little noise, but it gets reduced after several uses.


  • The use of ultraviolet light and vaporization helps killing of germs, mosquitoes and bacteria.
  • It comes out with a pleasant odor as it uses mixed scent in it. This humidifier has 3 different perfume smells. And they are rose, blue watermelon and lemon.
  • You also get humidity controller, which is available with this humidifier and it can control the environment inside any room very effectively.
  • 24 hour auto charging capacity and auto shutoff and auto on is another two features which are new in this humidifier.
  • It has been designed for a 12x20x8 dimensions room, but works if its bigger than the mentioned size.
  • There has been use of a concept called gas vaporization but it does not release any liquid or gasses which are not good for health.
  • Use of UV light saves energy and has a better lifetime than normal white bulbs which also produces heat after glowing about 10 minutes.
  • It uses a custom contact brass in its outer covering which helps us protect from any dissipation of liquid or gas.


In comparison to other best humidifiers it uses two water containers side by side which helps to refill water and kills about 99.99% germs and cleans the environment around it. You can add about 1 gallon of water, which will work for about 3 days. It kills harmful insects and absorbs dirt and humidity. The Enviracaire has taken special care of it so that customers do not find it difficult to clean it. It also works as a night lamp due to the blue ultraviolet light. You just need to change the mineral absorption pad once per 3 months. After purchasing this product you get an additional free service for 1 year which is completely free.

Germ Free Warm Mist Humidifier Review

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In Germ Free Warm Mist Humidifier Review, people said that its attractive and well made. They are also talking about the new features of this humidifier. Everyone is happy with the new update called the Twin independently fillable water tanks. One negative thing about this product is that it makes a little noise when the water inside it boils. It has a range of adequate RH 30 due to which insects die. There is a small fan inside it which rotates to cool the environment around it. It has three modes, namely, auto knob, start and stop. You can use the auto knob when you go out or busy with work. You will get the best 18 hours of experience with this humidifier.


It has been incorporated from the Vicks germ kill humidifier. But there has been lots of changes seen which are noted in humidifier reviews. Its outer side is covered with Telfon papers which helps to dry out and hold humidity in it. This humidifier has two LED light indicators. One indicating charging with red light and discharging with blue light. It has been tested that it can suck in about 69% of total humidity present in the air for a pleasant environment.

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The one which uses chlorine water will be available at the end of 2015 and you can buy this product from Amazon site, here you can get discount from market price.