OSKAR Humidifier Review

OSKAR Humidifier Review

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Oskar is a beautifully designed and strong hold for room humidifier which has a lot of humidity problems. It weights close to 6.4 pounds and has dimensions of 9.7 x 9.7 x 11.2 inches. This product is little a big bigger, but looks like a portable sound box. It works best in the winter season when humidity is at stake and helps to kill germs, pest and bacteria present in the room. It uses ultraviolet light to keep dust away from the machine and works with a rechargeable battery too. This product has been sold about 113,902 units in Amazon and still the market for this humidifier is rising. This was launched in Germany with special features being demonstrated by the General Manager. It was manufactured in Germany, but used all over the world. It supports both cool humidifier and warm humidifier which also have LED lights for indicating whether it is switched on or off. In the package you will get the humidifier packed, a USB cable charger and a booklet of OSKAR Humidifier Review.


  • It features two inherent water tanks with a capacity of 2 gallons each. Customers have to change the water in the tanks regularly after 2 weeks as suggested.
  • There is a possibility that they replace ultraviolet rays with infrared rays in their next update. This is because experiments have shown that infrared uses less power and thus saves power and the use of infrared lights ensures a longer lifetime.
  • It has a new and improved anti-bacterial filters attached to it with purified moisture content.
  • This humidifier is considered as one of the best humidifiers produced by any company till date.
  • It provides the atmosphere you need, totally for special treatment of children and old age people.
  • It syncs out many germs at one go due to the presence of Gluco vital energy.
  • The company is also thinking about saving energy and so they have used low efficiency ultraviolet light with attached monitors.
  • This product also comes in small and pocket friendly hygrostat specially designed for small enclosures.
  • OSKAR Humidifier Review is available on Amazon with over 4.5 customer ratings.
  • Talking about battery life, this product can run for a continuous time period of over 12 hours. But this needs at least 5 hours of minimum charge to function properly.

Product Details

OSKAR Humidifier comes out in three colors namely, black, vibrant pink and white. It has a stand upon which this humidifier stands. It looks like a cube like structure with a fragrance dispenser which provides pleasant odor all around the room. This israted as the best humidifier having a beautiful textured art material on the top of the device.It comes packed with free filter packs, 2 water storage tanks, Essential Oils required for servicing and an extra fragrance stick.

OSKAR Humidifier Review

Product Availability

OSKAR Humidifier Review is already available for the customers and is widely sold in the Amazon at a discounted price. Amazon is the best place for customers rather than shop.

OSKAR Humidifier Review

Functions Available

Actually the OSKAR is an evaporative humidifier that is, it distributes ultraviolet waves to disturb the moisture present in the atmosphere to evaporate and create a calm and composed atmosphere. It also has a fan which draws in water and then drains it out from an external pipe. But you don’t get to see any steam. What everybody complains is that a humidifier fills the room with white dust, but it is not so. In the humidifier reviews you will get to see that customers till now haven’t incurred that problem and so they are happy with the product. It also has LED lights to ensure an undisturbed night of sleep. Rather has an automatic shut off control which switches off the humidifier when it attains a minimum level of dryness. This is very effective for people with dry lips, cracked skin or those who has a sinus problem. This device is also very easy to change water as everyone is recommended to change the water every two weeks. As electricity is an issue these days, you can surely go and buy this product as it will work in only 220 V power supply.